Sunday, 8 April 2012

The smear campaign

My NM was caught out. She sent me some email discussions she had been having with one of her two friends, which contained a serious of untrue statements about myself and my family, along with a lot of unflattering descriptions of us all. This didn't surprise me: the NM is a known liar, and I have never heard her say a kind or good word about anyone, including the friend she was emailing.

So I called her on it. Most people would apologise and stop, right? Instead, I got a series of increasingly abusive emails, culminating in a "never contact me again" spiel. 

Fine by me. NM then repeated the process of lying about us and slandering us behind our backs with an ex friend of mine, and forwarded the lot to me. This was a fortnight before we were due to move interstate. I didn't reply, and we didn't hear from NM again.

That was 4 months ago. Since then, I have received 2 emails, sent 10 hours apart, threatening my children. Aside from that, we haven't heard from her. No phone calls: yet she is quite happy to tell people I have changed my phone number. I haven't. The other excuse is that I have blocked her number. I don't have her phone number. She told me in March 2011 to never contact her again, and changed all her phone numbers. Hard to block a number you don't know. The other really good bit about the "don't contact me" and phone number change is that she is getting great mileage now out of the fact we didn't tell her when our third child was born.


Manipulative, much?

The smear campaign is well underway.

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